Saturday, June 18, 2011


Since starting this new job I've become much more positive about my upcoming piper payments, but I think I've been neglecting the children. They absolutely hate that I'm gone nearly 12 hours of the day, and to compensate, regularly smother me when I get home. For the few hours I manage to stay awake, I almost always play a few rounds of jingle ball fetch with Siren while Farva and Lucious fight over who sits in my lap and who sits on the arm of the couch right next to me.

I decided to pull this basket out of the closet, just to get a reaction out of the cats. Once they figured out that I wasn't leaving for work, they decided to just ignore me like cats are supposed to do most of the time. I wasn't having it, considering I had enough energy to actually give them the time of day and not fall asleep in 30 minutes. Snapped a few pictures for posterity, plan to rouse them again soon by doing dishes (Lucious almost always comes in the kitchen and meows at me like I'm going to finally cook for him). By the way, what's up with these people that cook for their animals? Why do the animals eat just as well if not better than the owners? That's insane. They're animals!! Do you really think they care about canned food vs. chopped up rotisserie?? Pleeeeease...

Siren is staring at the ceiling. There's nothing there. Lucious is staring at Siren, who was staring at the ceiling, but has now jumped down to investigate the newly-constructed pile of trash that needs to be taken out before she tears it apart. Farva is just walking around smelling things - well, now he's parked about 3 feet away from me, just sitting and looking sleepy. What an exciting Saturday night I'm having. Someday, I will have to board these suckers and actually go do something interesting for a couple weeks. It will happen, especially now that I have this thing called annual leave - I guess it means I get to have days off of work, and I think I still get paid for it! What kind of craziness is that? Certainly not something a piano teacher knows anything about.

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