Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Price is Right is Right.

I am an advocate of eliminating extra cat production, so of course both of my males have been made cat-eunuchs. While Siren does not know of her ultimate fate, she soon will, as she has finally reached the age of eligibility for removal of some of that crazy.

I'm worried that she won't calm down. Really, seriously worried. I get so worried when I see that crazy look in her eyes that gives me the jitters for all things breakable. The two boys did a great deal of slowing down after their procedures, but Siren's different. My other two are both tabbies, with Lucious being part Maine Coon as well. These traits often yield much less craziness, so I'm definitely not used to other breed mixes.

Any insight into the foreseeable future for my peace of mind (or lack thereof)?

Also, another interesting observation: I've owned female cats before, and from what I can remember, they all yowled when going into that most lovely of heats. None of this has yet happened, and I'm hoping I get her to the vet before that starts in.

Friday, October 30, 2009

How Bout Cats?

Guess I should introduce the sorry excuses for pets. Just kiddin', furballs. You know I love cleaning up your throw-up and stepping on your jingle balls.

I'll start chronologically from the eldest member of the 3-cat family and go from there:

Cat No. 1: Lucious, Age 3 yrs people-time

As the largest member of the animal troupe, Lucious weighs in at nearly 20 pounds (yeah, I put him on a diet, no he isn't losing weight). No special reason for the name, I just really liked it at the time. Sounded nice, worth a shot. He could've been Mr. Bigglesworth, but I couldn't give him such a people-y name. Having a prefix is far too sophisticated for this fatty.

Interesting habits:
1) When lying on the floor, it is often on his back, exposing a vast desert of white fur on his belly.
2) Our cats drink out of the aquarium, as it is easily the most accessible watering hole in the house with less of a daily need for refills. Lucious refuses to get on his hind legs when drinking from the aquarium, thus creating a choking effect. I'll take a picture next time I get a chance and put it on here.
3) He refuses to take treats from my (or anyone else's) hand. They must be thrown in the floor with enough force so as to make them bounce, after which Lucious will pounce with precision upon the moist snack.
4) He has identity issues. I find him (up to 4 times daily) sitting on the bathroom counter, meowing at his mirrored image.
5) He snores, and at times, that includes while he's awake.

Cat No. 2: Farva, Age 2 1/2 years people time

If you think he was named after the Super Trooper, you are right in your assumption. It was either that or Ramathorn. I almost considered renaming Lucious to make the awesome combo, "Car Ramrod"! Renaming is hard to do, though. I have enough trouble remembering the day of the week, so I decided not to complicate things any further.

Interesting habits:
1) Farva likes to chew on anything plastic, but especially cellophane and plastic bags. I find tidbits in the cat box, which is such a special present.
2) Nearly every night involves Farva making me into his personal cat mountain. When I need to roll over, he adjusts as needed, rather than getting down and laying at the foot of the bed or something.
3) One of my fiancee's friends is Farva's absolute favorite place to lay any time he comes up to visit. He completely bypasses us when his personal human chair is here.

Cat No. 3: Siren, Age 6 months people time

Siren came to us via Craigslist. I got kitten fever and started searching the web for possible additions to the family. Her previous owners were unable to keep her due to their concern for her safety. Their toddler was sort of flinging her around by her arms, so I can see how they might have been worried. Although the youngin' probably would have grown out of that, we couldn't turn down such a cute little fuzzball. She is crazy. Part Siamese, part Demon. Most of her day is spent sleeping, but we try to wake her up any time we're home and notice that loony cat recharging the batteries. She does some jingle ball work as well as pointless running around, but the real assault comes at night

Interesting Habits:
1) I don't know what she does to make it happen, but somehow she gets the boys all riled up and they start fighting with a great deal of vigor. They race around the house and leap and bound over and onto us while we're asleep. It's so not fair.
2)  She's our #2 plastic chewer. But, she's not opposed to throwing in the occasional cardboard or other paper product.
3) She talks to us a lot. Sneak attacks happen often alongside a "MAAAH!"

I Finally Committed Myself

Why not blog a little? I'm sitting here wondering how bills are going to get paid next month, and I'm thinking I should at least explore my options online. Screw it, though. I'll just get on here and do the one thing I told myself I'd never

It just sounds so dumb. I never considered myself to be one of "those" people, and now I find myself somewhat interested in the process. It's crazy.