Thursday, April 22, 2010

So It's Been A While...

I've been pretty busy with school this past semester, and I apologize for not getting back to this sooner. I'm planning to graduate next semester, so everything non-degree-related has been put on the shelf. Thought I'd check in with a quick update.

We got a new couch (so happy!) and moved all of the furniture around to accommodate the lovely sectional. It's pretty modern, with microfiber cushions on top of a leather base. Let me emphasize that...leather base. Really? Why we bought this particular piece of furniture, we don't remember. Probably because it was affordable and a huge improvement from the prior seating situation: a hand-me-down sectional which had caved in with broken boards that touched the floor. We surely did not think about how much yelling would be in our future. "Yelling?" You ask. Yes, yelling...repeatedly at cats that just don't seem to get the idea of a scratching post. These furballs seem to prefer the couch to the post now, and I'd prefer to get a squirt bottle with a wee bit o' vinegar in it. My vocal chords can't take any more of this screeching!

So...we got Siren fixed. That was an interesting event. I am very thankful for low-income spay and neuter clinics, and I'm happy I went to the one that I did. I overheard some other anxious pet parents talking about how bad this other clinic was, and that these people seemed much more organized. This made me feel much better about subjecting my poor feline to such trauma, as it could have been much worse. Make sure to research your clinics!